Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 2/11/2009

It's technically 2/12 now, but close enough. Here are today's shared items from Google Reader. Enjoy!

  • Americans might get reminders about the fact that people actually die in Iraq. It's nice that it's finally happening, but I think people are already starting to understand that.
  • Twitter is great for political organization. The tweets calling for volunteers as needed during this election cycle were great. It turns out Twitter is even more useful when Republicans learn how to use it.
Digital Rights:
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McCaron said...


Pbbbt. Who uses stamps?

Jon Harmon said...

Occasionally I have to mail something. I figure over the next forever, I may have to mail at least one book of stamps worth of stuff. And if not, it gives me something to put in a will.