Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Hopeful Stratagem Prediction

Holy crap, I'm blogging! Yay!

I wanted to get this out in case signs of it begin at noon Eastern today.

If you were Obama, and planned to prosecute things from the Bush administration, and you knew Bush had the power to pardon people... would you
  1. Say often that you're going to prosecute people, ensuring that Bush would issue blanket pardons, or
  2. Say often things like "nobody is above the law," but hedge it with stuff about not looking backward?
I'm not saying I believe his administration will be prosecuting people for torture, but I can see an argument for saying what Obama and his appointees have been saying.

BTW, I think it's almost definite that there will be prosecutions in Justice over all the nonsense that happened there. Holder needs to clean house to get qualified people in there, so he needs to get the corrupt bastards out.