Friday, February 06, 2009

Welcome Pickles

When I moved into my current rental house back in July, the previous occupants had left many things: spices, cleaning chemicals, even a vase in the bathroom full of some sort of scented oil. The thing that weirded me out, though, was a large, unopened jar of pickles in the fridge. Why would you buy a large jar of pickles just before you moved out? And pickle juice isn't exactly a color that instills trust. I threw out the pickles.

A few months later, I was watching a repeat of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In this episode, two of the characters moved into a new apartment, and were starving after the move. One of the characters complained that there was nothing in the fridge, not even pickles.

Wait, what? Are the pickles a thing?

I decided that, regardless of whether they were a thing, they're a thing now.

The next time you move, leave a jar of unopened pickles in the fridge. I recommend labeling them "Welcome Pickles," and possibly even attaching a note to the new occupants of your former home. Let them know the tricks and quirks that it took you a while to figure out when you moved in, such as tips on how to get the thermostats to play nice with the changing weather, or a warning that the guest toilet doesn't flush properly unless you hold down the lever for a couple seconds.

We can make this a thing.


McCarron said...

I wholly support this becoming a thing.

Die Anyway said...

A "paying it forward" sort of thing. But... I hate pickles.