Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Doggies (without pics)

This post should have pics, but I'm trying to knock out a post to appease the masses, while still not taking any sizable time-wasting from work... so there's no time!

I just wanted to share that we got those cord keeper thingies in the office recently. We didn't do this to make things look nicer. We did so to make sure none of the various dogs that have been known to hang out at the office pulled any monitors off of desks, as one almost did last week.

Today we have an Irish wolfhound mutt (the boss's sweet but timid dog) and a chihuahua. It's funny when the chihuahua chases the Irish wolfhound into an office.


McCarron said...

YAY DOGGIES! I've had the good fortune to work in not one but two offices that were dog-friendly.

Die Anyway said...

I guess it's good that you are busy. I was starting to wonder if you had maybe been abducted by aliens or disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle.

I think that I would not appreciate dogs in the office. I like dogs (and cats, and ferrets, and hamsters, and snakes, and birds... hey, I'm a biologist, what would you expect?) but not at the office.