Friday, February 06, 2009

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 2/6/2009

Hey, I think I'll give you a thread to comment on my shared Google Reader items again. What a novel idea!

The Internets:
  • A company has an idea for universal power cords, so we can use the same cord(s) for all of our various devices (which would also, now that I think about it, make things like portable solar chargers more likely to come along). I love the idea. Makers of electronics... less so. We need an outcry to make this happen.
  • Goddammit, people. Vaccines save lives. Vaccines have drastically improved our quality of life. If I had to pick one medical discovery to keep out of all of them (other than, perhaps, doctors washing their hands), it'd be vaccines. So STOP IT, MORONS. You're killing people, not just your own kids. Less people being vaccinated means the viruses have more places to hide, and it makes it more likely for even vaccinated people to get exposed to levels their particular immune system can't handle. This is something that already drove me crazy, and then I found out this week that I work with one of these loonies. You people have no scientific leg to stand on. STOP IT.
That's it for today. Hopefully I'll be back with more on Monday, if not before!


Charon said...

I heard a similar report on NPR.

I hate people.

Die Anyway said...

>"Less people being vaccinated..."

fewer, FEWER, F E W E R. Jon, you're killing me.

Jon the Geek said...

"Less has been used to modify plural nouns since the days of King Alfred and the usage, though roundly decried, appears to be increasing."