Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama's Speech

Since I've been falling into the trap of knocking this out of the headlines a bit too much... if you have not seen Barack's acceptance speech yet (or only saw it once), you can watch it here, and/or read it here. That second link also has other Barack speeches going back to 2002. If you're somehow still on the fence, I recommend reading through those.

Sarah Palin-dromes

Flip, a friend-of-a-friend, is officially even geekier than me, at least in one respect. He has invented "Sarah Palin-dromes", ie palindromes involving McCain's VP pick. He launched this game with the somewhat cryptic 
"No Kay, AK? Kayak on!"
He has also submitted 
"I hot sarah, as saharas to HI." 
Never one to back down from a geek off, I came up with 
"de veep: yen more of know-how; woh, wonk, foe Romney peeved." 
I cheated by not quite exactly using the verb "yen" properly, and by misspelling woah, but I'm still pretty proud. Well, "proud" isn't exactly the right word, since it's a palindrome which was only written for a pun, but you know what I mean.

If you have your own, post 'em in the comments.

Friday, August 29, 2008

So it's Palin...

I never would have suspected. Really, who would? She's been Governor of a strongly red state for less than 2 years, so there goes the experience argument. And it's not like she has the star appeal of Obama or anything, since nobody knows anything about her, not even her fellow short-listers, such as Kay Bailey Hutchinson (the Texas Senator who once sent me a form reply letter basically saying she was going to do the opposite of what I'd written to her about, and I could suck it).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why McCain Will Pick Mitt (unless he's as stupid as I think he is)

I wanted to get this logged before the announcement tomorrow, so I can act all smart and stuff if I'm right (and, as I say in the headline, so I can even act smart if I'm wrong!)

McCain got 1367 delegates in the primaries. Romney would have 274 if he didn't already release them to McCain, with Huckabee in third with 267.

If McCain is really trying to get disaffected Hillary voters, how can he not pick Mitt, and introduce him with something along the lines of "My friends, Mitt Romney fought a hard primary. You have chosen him as your second choice for President, and so I must pick him as my choice for Vice President. To do anything else would be a shameful snub."

Seriously, why have none of the pundits pointed this out?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stupid Ways I've Injured Myself

Looks like I have one to add to the ongoing list of stupid ways I've injured myself:
  1. Standing too close behind my sister pretending to be the catcher when I was 5, got smacked in the eye by her bat (required stitches, still have a bit of a scar)
  2. Burned wrist in an ironing catastrophe (I've always wondered if there were suicide rumors floating around my high school about this one, since I had a bandage on my wrist for several days)
  3. Removing a wooden form from a snow statue, smashed hand (required stitches, and came very, very close to bigger damage; the nerve swelled up, which fortunately meant it didn't hurt that bad, 'cuz I was numb)
  4. Carrying a box into a dorm, scratched the hell out of my hand on the plate thingy on the door (I still have a scar from this one)
  5. Ice skating with improper socks, cut the backs of both legs on the tops of my skates (it was impromptu ice skating with skates that were in my trunk, but still)
  6. Sleeping, hurt back/neck/knee (several occurrences)
  7. Dodging a grackle, twisted knee
  8. Didn't see dentist for 11 years (even after a filling fell out I waited 2 years), needed root canal to repair the worst pain I've ever experienced.
  9. Dragging garbage can to curb, gouged a rather large chunk out of my ankle (the latest; not quite stitches-level, but pushing toward it)
(edited to add a bunch, including the tooth thing after Charon asked why it wasn't there)