Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 11/12

Not much time today... and it's very likely I'm going to miss the whole weekend! Here are today's shared items:
That's it for today (and probably for a while). Comment below. I'm hoping to come back to more comments than I've ever had on a post!


Die Anyway said...

Thanks for the Olberman link. We don't get that channel on our el-cheapo cable service.

I keep hearing about Prop 8 in California and now the allowed same-sex marriages in CT but nothing about the Florida amendment declaring marriage a one man-one woman affair. Not that I want my home state to bear the brunt of more bad publicity but sometimes the medicine is bitter.

Die Anyway said...

On the sciencey good side:
Darwin's mockingbirds feature in London exhibition

On the "what the f*** is wrong with Islam" bad side:
Acid attacks keep Afghan girls away from classes


Taliban kill mullah critical of suicide attacks

The world is just so disgusting. The song lyric that comes to mind right now is: "pass the paper bag that holds the bottle". Damn. Drinking won't make the problems go away but then nothing seems to make the problems go away.

Jon the Geek said...

Well, to squeeze some good news out of bad news... when I saw your headline, I figured it was the Iranian Ayatollah (not the Grand Ayatollah, but a very high-ranking guy in Shi'a) who had been killed. I saw him on that Ted Koppel special about Iran, and he seemed like someone who should be kept alive and speaking. Probably the same with this guy, but at least I know there's another high-ranking guy in Islam who says the same sorts of things (to the Shi'a side of the divide, but still).