Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 11/10

I didn't have a "shared items" update yesterday, so there's probably going to be a ton today:
  • This photo is awesome, but you need to read the explanation to appreciate why.
  • I hope David at Ironic Sans posts the rest of this story.
  • What brown and sticky? An inductee into the Toy Hall of Fame.
  • Hook em, Obama!
  • This particular story isn't super awesome, but I was happy to find's RSS feed.
  • The Wall Street Journal and Slashdot claim that a German doctor has cured AIDS. And nobody else does. My skepti-sense is tingling!
  • According to a study, Daylight Savings Time increased energy use in Indiana. Except I've seen about equal numbers of studies pointing in each direction now. Tell me what's true, science!
  • Dinsmore has a nice summary of a cool article about Obama. I'd summarize his summary here, but that just seems wrong.
  • has begun covering the 2010 Senate races. Will my addiction ever get a rest?
  • Woohoo, I completely forgot that the stem cell nonsense was an executive order. Obama's getting ready to try to catch us up with Europe, and that first step only requires him to repeal that order. Good stuff.
  • I definitely want to do this. I just need to figure out what I'm going to do it with...
  • If any of you use AVG Anti-Virus Free (and, really, why wouldn't you, if you use a PC?), it's probably a good idea to read this before running your next scan.
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Charon said...

Thx for the AVG heads up!

Charon said...

Re: Block posters

1. Rasterbator does this as well but uses fractal imaging to lessen quality loss due to magnification
3. This was on Instructables like a million years ago. But cool nonetheless
2. I too have the same problem: want to due it but which pictures to use? What I've come down to is this: it's cheap so use a bunch of pictures! I'll have to do this after the wedding. Thanks for the reminder.