Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eat the Menu: Tacodeli, Day 31

This is part of an ongoing series about my quest to try all of the yumminess at local restaurant Tacodeli. See my eat the menu tag for the other parts of the series. Scores are summarized here.

I started Eat the Menu when Tacodeli's central location opened on May 11. Since then, I've gone through 61 separate menu items (plus a hat), virtually all of which were delicious.

Friday morning I finished my quest to eat everything on the Tacodeli menu. The photo might not be great, but I wanted to get a shot of that tasty tasty tortilla they use on their breakfast tacos. Yum! This time the tortilla was filled with a Migas Taco, "Eggs scrambled with our migas mix and topped with Monterrey jack cheese." It wasn't quite as yummy as its cousin, the Migas Platter, but it was still quite tasty. I give it 0.85 moles.

So, that's everything! It was a delicious task, but somebody had to do it! Now all that are left are...

  • Tastiest Breakfast Taco: (tie) Sirloin, Egg, and Cheese / Migas Taco (0.85 moles)
  • Tastiest (and only) Breakfast Non-Taco: Migas Platter (0.9 moles)
  • Overall Breakfast Winner: Migas Platter (0.9 moles)
(Non-Breakfast) Tacos:
  • Tastiest Beef: (tie) Cowboy / Mole Taco Sirloin (0.95 moles)
  • Tastiest (and only) Bison: Thunder Heart Bison Picadillo (0.9 moles)
  • Tastiest Chicken: Mole Taco Chicken (1 mole)
  • Tastiest Fish: Scallop Taco (1.1 moles)
  • Tastiest Pork: Lomo Especial (0.85 moles
  • Tastiest Vegetarian: Frontera Fundido Portabella (0.9 moles
  • Overall Lunch Taco Winner: Scallop Taco (1.1 moles)
Other Stuff:
  • Tastiest Side: Mexican Mashed Potatoes (0.65 moles)
  • Tastiest Ensalada o Sopa: (tie) Any Salad (0.8 moles)
  • Tastiest Tortilla Creation: Vegetarian Burrito (0.8 moles)
  • Tastiest Torta: (tie) Probably Any of Them (0.8 moles)
  • Overall Other Stuff Result: It's all pretty good, but none is spectacular (0.8 moles)
  • Taco I Most Want to Try Again 'Cuz Man That Was Interesting: Picadillo (Beef) (0.85 moles)
  • Tastiest Thing On the Menu: Scallop Taco (Thursday Special) (1.1 moles)
  • Tastiest Non-Special (and Least Surprising Result): Mole Taco Chicken (1 mole)
So... where should I obsess over next?


Die Anyway said...

I appreciate all the hard work you went to on our behalf. Now I know exactly what to order if there's ever a Tacodeli in my area. I do hope that there was some cerveza to go with all that Tex-Mex.

Jon Harmon said...

DIE! Long time no see!

No cerveza; it's a breakfast/lunch-only spot, and, well... ok, it might have cerveza (this IS Texas), but I'm not a beer drinker.

So, I haven't blogged about it yet for some reason... but I started geocaching! I'm completely addicted. I'm jonthegeek on, if you want to friend me on there or whatever. I also got a pair of Vibram FiveFingers, and wondered if they were a thing at all in racewalking.

How've you been?