Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eat the Menu: Tacodeli, Days 29 and 30

This is part of an ongoing series about my quest to try all of the yumminess at local restaurant Tacodeli. See my eat the menu tag for the other parts of the series. Scores are summarized here.

I haven't been to Tacodeli for two whole days, and yet I haven't caught up on my blog. I apologize. I think I'm going through withdrawal. All I have left is a breakfast taco, but I've eaten breakfast twice now without remembering that. Tomorrow morning I should finish it off.

Monday, June 14
I started off on Monday by knocking two things off the menu, the Avocado Salad and Chips and Queso. The Avocado Salad is described as "For avocado aficionados! Fresh avocados with a dressing made of tomatillos, serranos, cilantro and lime." Being an avocado lover, I expected this to be yummy, and I wasn't disappointed. I had finished it off before I remembered to take a photo. I give it 0.8 moles (and call the salad part of the soups and salads menu complete with this). The Chips and Queso was also pretty good, but I'm not really much of a queso fan (I know, insane). I put a little Salsa Roja into the somewhat-too-runny cheese, and it did come out pretty darned tasty. I give it 0.6 moles, which puts it just below the fantastic Mexican Mashed Potatoes as far as yummy sides.

Tuesday, June 15
Tuesday was the last lunch of my trek through the menu. Don't get me wrong, I'll be back at least weekly, but I don't have anything else new to try. It's both exciting and sad. Of course, now I get to work through the ties and refine my scores a bit, so I may not be done, exactly. My excitement got to me again on Tuesday, and the Frontera Fundido Chicken taco, "Grilled chicken with sauteéd poblano pepper and onion strips glazed with melted Monterrey jack cheese," was gone before I remembered to take a photo. The Frontera Fundidos have been strong in general, but the Portabella is still my favorite. The chicken was mighty tasty (0.85 moles worth), but I'll still stick to Portabella if I'm in a Frontera Fundido mood. I rounded out the meal with the Sopa Las Mañanitas, "Cuernavaca inspired tortilla soup made with a homemade chicken broth, chicken, fresh onion, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, tortilla strips, avocado and lime." As far as I could translate the name, I thought it was "soup the little tomorrows," but Google Translate says it's "Happy Birthday Soup." I guess maybe that makes more sense. I always like Mexican and Tex-Mex soups, but there is only a small part of the year in which I actually want to eat them, and Tuesday wasn't such a day. It's also a little pricey for its level of yumminess (I'd rather get a taco), so I'm giving it 0.75 moles. It might score better on the 2-3 days of winter we get here in Austin every year.

  • Avocado Salad (and all other Tacodeli salads): 0.8 moles
  • Chips and Queso: 0.6 moles
  • Frontera Fundido Chicken: 0.85 moles
  • Sopa Las Mañanitas: 0.75 moles
Tomorrow I plan to finish off my trek with a Migas Taco! I'm going to be on the coast for the weekend, but I should be able to upload the final update at some point. I may get a second taco to go with the Migas. What should I get?

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