Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eat the Menu: Tacodeli, Days 23, 24, 25, 26

This is part of an ongoing series about my quest to try all of the yumminess at local restaurant Tacodeli. See my eat the menu tag for the other parts of the series. Scores are summarized here.

I've been busy watching the Texas Stars try to lose the Calder Cup this week, but I've kept up my trek through the Tacodeli menu. I just haven't been so good at blogging about it. Here's what I tried the last four days, which gets me a heck of a lot closer to finished with the menu.

Monday, June 7
I started off the week with the second-to-last item on the Tortilla Creations menu: the Grilled Steak Wrap ("Grilled steak with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese rolled in a 10" tortilla"). It was good, but Tacodeli can definitely do better. I give it 0.7 moles. Of the three wrap-ish items on the Tacodeli menu (El Dizzy Chicken Wrap, Grilled Steak Wrap, and Vegetarian Burrito), what I assume is healthiest (Vegetarian Burrito) was my favorite at 0.8 moles, and the probably-second healthiest was my second favorite at 0.75 moles. I paired the steak wrap with a side of Sauteed Veggie Mix, which, unsurprisingly based on those ratings, rated very high for sides at 0.5 moles (the sides are still just sides, so none of them have climbed much higher than that on the mole scale).

Tuesday, June 8
On Tuesday I had my second selection from the Torta menu. I had started with the Adobo Torta since I'd rated the Adobados tacos at 0.9 moles, so I decided to go to the opposite* end of the spectrum for my second Torta. As I suspected from the good-but-kinda-overpowering "black bean and jalapeño spread" that's on all of the tortas, the Pastor Torta tasted exactly as good to me as the Adobo Torta. Based on that, I'm giving the whole Torta menu 0.8 moles. I also tried the Pinto Beans for the first time, which I thought were a little tastier than the Black Beans but not quite as tasty as the Sauteed Spinach or Mexican Red Rice. That puts them at 0.35 moles.

* The actual opposite end of the spectrum is Borracho, but I couldn't bring myself to try another Borracho.

Wednesday, June 9
I stopped at Tacodeli yesterday morning for breakfast, rather than my usual lunch trip. I had my favorite breakfast taco yet: the Sirloin, Egg, and Cheese. There isn't much to say about it other than that it is exactly what it sounds like it is, which added up to 0.85 moles. Yum.

Thursday, June 10
Today I finished off the Tortilla Creations menu with a Tacodeli Quesadilla (specifically the chicken variety), described on the menu as "Our special veggie mix of carrots, onion, celery, red bell, poblano, zucchini, mushroom and cabbage sautéed to order with olive oil and sherry stuffed in a cheese quesadilla." All of that was delicious, but notice how they spent so much time describing everything other than the cheese? That's because this quesadilla was very light on the queso part. Again, it was good, but it wasn't as much as I think it could have been. That was fine, because I don't really want a ton of cheese right now, but I'm rating these things on their deliciousness. I give the quesadillas 0.7 moles. I didn't want much more than the quesadilla, but I had to try the Toreados, "Three grilled whole serrano peppers." These were very good for their size and price point, so I gave them 0.4 moles.

  • Grilled Steak Wrap: 0.7 moles
  • Sauteed Veggie Mix: 0.5 moles
  • All Tortas: 0.8 moles
  • Pinto Beans: 0.35 moles
  • Sirloin, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Taco: 0.85 moles
  • Tacodeli Quesadilla: 0.7 moles
  • Toreados: 0.4 moles

The list of remaining items is dwindling (especially if I only list everything once, instead of listing most things twice like I did last time I made this tally). What should I try tomorrow?
  1. Chicken: Frontera Fundido Chicken ("Grilled chicken with sauteéd poblano pepper and onion strips glazed with melted Monterrey jack cheese.")
  2. Breakfast: Migas Taco ("Eggs scrambled with our migas mix and topped with Monterrey jack cheese.")
  3. Breakfast: Migas Royale Plate ("A heaping plate of our migas topped with queso, Monterrey jack cheese, avocado and pico de gallo. Served with Mexican mashed potatoes, refried black beans and tortillas.")
  4. Ensaladas y Sopa: Ensalada Verde ("A bed of romaine lettuce topped with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, onion, tomato and topped with avocado.") (Also available with Spinach)
  5. Ensaladas y Sopa: Ensalada Tacodeli ("A bed of romaine lettuce topped with guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, onion, tomato and your choice of chicken or sirloin.") (Available with Chicken or Sirloin)
  6. Ensaladas y Sopa: Avocado Salad ("For avocado aficionados! Fresh avocados with a dressing made of tomatillos, serranos, cilantro and lime.")
  7. Ensaladas y Sopa: Small Side Salad
  8. Ensaladas y Sopa: Sopa Las Mañanitas ("Cuernavaca inspired tortilla soup made with a homemade chicken broth, chicken, fresh onion, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, tortilla strips, avocado and lime.")
  9. Sides: Chips and Guacamole
  10. Sides: Chips and Queso
  11. Sides: Roberto's Brazo-Fuerte Dip with Chips ("A power combo of queso, guacamole, pico and spicy ground beef.")

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