Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 12/9

Holy crap, I haven't done this since last Thursday. These are my favorite Google Reader shared items in that timespan.

  • This article was entitled "Scientists Achive Mental Body-Swapping," but it's about getting people to essentially think as if they're in another body. It's not nearly as sci-fi cool as I thought it must not possibly be.
  • The summary of this article about Hawaii's plan for a state-wide electric car network on Slashdot annoyed me. An electric car grid encourages/allows more efficient power generation; it takes the power generation step out of the car, so you can do whatever it takes to make the power generation clean on a statewide basis. It doesn't rule out wind and solar, it just puts that step in a centralized place.
  • I'm very annoyed that I didn't hear about/see the 3D NFL broadcast.
  • There's some evidence that the herpes simplex virus (the virus that causes cold sores, among other things) causes Alzheimer's. It would be awesome if this pans out and leads to treatment and/or a cure.
  • Techskeptic (via Pharyngula) has a list of Atheist/secular charities. I've often wanted something like this myself, so it's nice that someone else compiled it for me.
The Internets and other Computeriness:
Programming (but the first one is awesome, Libby):
  • This evolutionary algorithm to create the Mona Lisa is stunningly amazingly awesome. It dovetails with something I've wanted to do, and might inspire me to finally get that project moving.
  • Google has announced Google native client, which promises to put code written for x86 processors onto the web. That's very, very cool, and opens up all kinds of possibilities.
Finally, uncategorized, I shared this old video of "Keeping the Dream Alive" by Munchener Freiheit (huh, I always thought the band was just "Freiheit"), because I missed it and randomly searched to see if it was on YouTube... and it was. Enjoy. Or, ya know, don't, if you don't like cheesy music. In any case, comment below.


Charon said...

1. Yay Freiheit!
2. No love for browser-based Quake III?

Jeffrey D. said...

I don't know if you guys remember this, but I insisted that "Keeping the Dream Alive" be in the running for our class song. And everyone saw it on the ballot and was like, "what the fuck is this homo shit?!? Dinsmore!!!" And then I found out later that even Rosenberg voted for "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday." And that was pretty much the only thing I accomplished as class president.

Jon the Geek said...

My comment in Google Reader ended with this: "Stupid generic Boyz II Men class song, this should've won..."

I definitely remember. This would've been a much better class song, grr. Oh well, now we have it in YouTube! Now if Amazon or iTunes would just get the English mp3.

I wonder if "Keeping the Dream Alive" got more than just the three of us voting for it.

As for browser-based Quake III... the thing allowing it is cool, but browser-based Quake III is no more awesome than non-browser-based Quake III, which I never liked in the first place...