Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 12/10

I'm sleepy, but that doesn't mean I won't get today's shared Google Reader items out of the way before drifting off to early sleep.

  • Yesterday it hit 80 during the day in Austin, then snowed at night:
  • In other Austin news, a teacher in Austin sent an angry letter to a charity that gives away Linux laptops, chiding the charity for fraudulently telling children the software was free, when "No software is free and spreading that misconception is harmful." For those who aren't sure, yes, Linux and other free and open-source software really is free. The teacher is an idiot. Also, Ubuntu is awesome and way easier to use than Windows, and I really need to start using it on more than just my backup desktop.
The Internets:
  • Google has published it's year-end zeitgeist round-up. My personal favorite is the large number of international top-tens which include "google" as a search term on google.
  • This image "evolution" system is fairly cool, but, after running it for a bit, I found it did what the weak version I wrote several years ago in Javascript did: it bloats and bloats, and starts to take over your memory. I'm still hoping to borrow from their idea (which, in turn, borrows from someone else's idea) to get my version up soonish, but I still think Flash would be a much faster way to go.
That's it for today. As always, comment below!

Coming tomorrow: A blog about something else, with photos!

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Charon said...

1. Snow = awesome
2. That poor teacher. I just read about her elsewhere
3. Awesome that Nintendo is authorizing e-books. However, those of us clever DS folk have had that ability for some time. :)