Monday, December 15, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 12/15

I haven't done one of these recaps since Friday, but it doesn't look like I shared too much over the weekend, so this shouldn't be too huge.

Science and Medicine:
Software and the Internets:


Libby Hickson said...

I want you to create a scale solar system model in Austin too! :-) Oh, and dig out that telescope to do some stargazing with your nephew... well, ok, when it's warmer out...!

Die Anyway said...

re: ferrofluid

Not quite on the same scale but I recently needed to glue a magnet to something I was making. I had run out of my regular 2-part epoxy so I grabbed some JB Weld, which is also 2 part and works really well. I put a blob of it on the base part and pressed the magnet down on it. When I came back to check on it the epoxy had oozed up the sides of the magnet and on to the top. I knew that JB Weld is meant for metal working but I hadn't realized that there are actually iron filings in it. The way it oozed around the magnet was really interesting.