Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 12/2

Another day, another couple dozen shared Google Reader items. Here are my favorites.

The Internets:
  • Microsoft's Live image search now lets you find images similar to other images. That's potentially quite useful.
  • A new browser-based OS is on the way. I like. I think we're at the point that computers could be ubiquitous; you should have a computer or three in your kitchen for checking recipes, for example, and one by your window for things like identifying birds in your feeder. Super-light-weight OSes (geared toward super-low-power computers) are a big step in that direction.
  • Apple now recommends that Mac users install antivirus software. I have to congratulate Apple. That means they're finally getting popular enough that people bother writing viruses for them. It's sad that they can't claim that they're more secure anymore just because nobody bothered to write viruses before, but that's the price of popularity.
Those are the highlights from today. As always, comment below.

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Die Anyway said...

Jon, you missed this one... (I'm going to experiment with a hyperlink here so if it doesn't work right you'll know I'm not an html geek):Mom thinks doll is touting Islam

I'm guessing that if it said "I lub Jeebus" it would have been ok.