Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 10/29

I already have a reply to one of today's shared items, so I'd better hurry up and get this thing posted! And, for the record... darnit, you're right, Jessica. Harder is better. I'm a hypocrite!
  • This video synchronizing the debates is really sad. My favorites are the ones with 4 clips from the 3 debates; ie, sometimes McCain at least (I don't remember if Barack had any) said exactly the same thing twice in a single debate.
  • Best "mashup" of the Google Maps API, using roughly 1 line of code from that API to make something useful. I'm surprised Google Maps doesn't let you select something to turn this feature on in the normal maps.
  • Pixolu is a cool research project to create a smarter image search engine. It was really slow when I tried it out this morning, but that's probably due to the Lifehacker link.
  • A video comparison of a song on both Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2. I mentioned when I shared it that the sustain-one-note-while-moving-on-others seems impossibly hard, but, as Jessica pointed out, I complain when people complain about things being hard; hard is good, so I'll have to try that out to see if it's fun hard or just annoying hard. Let's hope for fun hard.
  • Great holy jeebus, are the Beatles coming to Rock Band 2? We should know for sure tomorrow.
  • In case you missed it like I did (we were carving more jack-o-lanterns at my sister's), here's Barack's 30-minute infomercial. I heard good things. I think I'll vote for the guy.
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Die Anyway said...

1I bet if one looks hard enough they can find clips of a candidate saying completely opposite things. I expect them to be repetitive... they've memorized their sound bites but it would be nice if they were consistent from year to year.
The address thing was interesting. I clicked on my house and it gave the exact, correct address. I moved to my Mom's house in Pensacola and it gave me a numeric range. It was the correct range, just a different kind of response than for my neighborhood. One thing, unrelated to the addresses themselves, was something that stood out in the satellite picture of Pensacola as compared to the one of my area in Seminole. There was a huge percentage of blue roofs scattered everywhere. It took me a second to realize that the photo was taken shortly after hurricane Ivan and the roofs were covered with blue tarps.
My daughter and her friends are into Guitar Hero but I've never tried it. I have to agree about the "hard vs. easy" though. There's good "hard" and bad "hard". I don't want things too easy but neither do I want to waste inordinate amounts of time mastering something.
I missed the 30 minute political ad, sort of on purpose. I didn't think I'd learn anything new and my front door needed work so I went and worked on it.

Jon wrote: "I think I'll vote for the guy."

I thought you said you *already* voted for him.

Jon the Geek said...

Yeah, well, I *did* already vote for him. I was being something vaguely passing for funny. Plus I hope to vote for him *again* in 4 years, hopefully *6* times (primary, caucus, county, state, national, general).