Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Weekend's Shared Items

My Google Reader is clean! It's been a while since I completely emptied out my feeds; this feels surprisingly and geekily good. That means it looks like it's time for a round-up of what I've shared recently:
  • Lots of stuff on Lifehacker. Lifehacker is a great site, but it's almost too active. I may have to cut it out of my feeds, unless I can learn to speed read my feeds.
  • Right-wingers are spreading this around because they think it makes Biden look bad. I'm very excited that the guy interviewed in this is going to be my VP. Imagine how Caribou Barbie would do with a similar questioner for comparison. This is "gotcha journalism," Sarah; asking you WTF you meant about the "I can see Russsia!" nonsense isn't: (video at the end while I figure out how/if I can get YouTube an bullets to play nice).
  • My friend Flip is a talented guy. His map of newspaper endorsements is spreading through the blogosphere. Next he wants to flashify this thing about Palin's wardrobe malfunctions. More power to him, but I suspect they'll have some new ridiculous story for us to focus on before we can get that app put together.
And... two stories have come in on Reader in the time it took my to type this up. I really should look into that speed-reading thing...

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Libby Hickson said...

I don't see anything at all wrong with Biden's response to these questions (like you) - I saw the story on CNN and was all "huh??". Are the idiots saying it's bad that he said "are you joking??" - that was a very valid question on his part! What a stupid interview!