Monday, October 27, 2008

Today's Shared Google Reader Items, 10/27

Here are the highlights from the things I've shared roughly since the last post:
  • How to get time off to vote, state by state. If you have early voting, use it. If not and you'll have trouble making it to the polls, definitely check this out.
  • Austin sets Thriller dance record. I was planning for a month to go for this, then we scheduled a cookout during it. Oops. I still should've gone, but I managed to convince myself it was too much work. Remember: you more often regret things you didn't do than things you did.
  • I don't so much want to share this article by Christopher Hitchens endorsing Obama as to name drop. I've been to a party with Hitchens, and he was as much of a pretentious jerk at that party as he is on TV; it isn't an act. When I first heard he'd endorsed, it made me question my votes for Obama.
  • This site, which helps you figure out where to meet people centrally between input addresses, is freakin' awesome. I wish I'd thought of it. That makes me want to move on another idea I have, before "I wish I'd thought of it" becomes "Huh, that could have been my private fighter jet."
  • Finally... Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens has been found guilty on all counts! Hehehehehehehe. As Nate points out on 538, get a pollster up there to AK post-haste! Is there any chance this will demoralize Alaska Republicans enough that they don't bother voting???
As always (being the whole point of these posts), leave your comments on these or any of my other shared items below.

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