Sunday, October 26, 2008

Barack-O-Lantern Photos

My friend Jessica has photos posted of the two best Barack-O-Lanterns from our Yes We Carve session. The pattern for the face is here, and our pattern for the symbol is here (with instructions).


Die Anyway said...

Interesting although I'm not sure I would have recognized the portrait nor known that the graphic stood for Obama. In any case, they are better than the photo my sister sent of a very fat lady with a jack-o'lantern painted on her naked butt. Oof. Just what I didn't need to find in my morning e-mail. :-)

Jon the Geek said...

My roommate's parents from Michigan didn't recognize the symbol, either. I'm assuming it's at least in part from not having been deluged during the primary. I simply can't imagine someone in Austin not recognizing that symbol as representing the Obama campaign.