Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eat the Menu: Tacodeli, Days 1-3

Tacodeli is an extremely tasty taco restaurant here in Austin. Until this week, the closest of the two Tacodeli locations was just a bit too far from my office for a reasonable lunch outing. That changed on Tuesday, when the third Tacodeli location opened less than a mile from my office. To commemorate the opening (and since there are so many things on the Tacodeli menu that I haven't tried), I decided I'd have lunch there every day until I've made it through the menu.

Of the things I'd previously tried at Tacodeli, their Mole Taco Chicken were my favorite. Therefore, I'll be rating their menu in units of moles (not to be confused with moles), where 1.0000 mole = the yumminess of a Mole Taco Chicken.

Tuesday, 5/11

Like an idiot, I didn't take a photo of Tuesday's tacos. The best I can do is the image uses to describe the special. In addition to that special, I had my beloved Mole Taco Chicken. The special was a bit overly pickly, but not bad.

  • Mole Taco Chicken: 1.0 moles.
  • Achiote Chicken Taco: 0.7 moles.
Wednesday, 5/12
Multiple specials were available for Wednesday. I went with the Chile Relleno Special. It's definitely Tacodeli's own take on that name. Really more "stuffed poblanos" than what I'd normally expect in chiles rellenos, but still fairly good. There's pork hiding down there under the pickled red onions. I give it 0.8 moles.

Thursday, 5/13
Today there were two specials. The one on the right is the Tacolomo, "slow roasted pork loin with a pasilla garlic mojo sauce, red cabbage pico and roasted peppers." This was my least favorite menu item so far. However, the one on the left is the Scallop Taco, "delicious grilled scallops tossed with roasted red and poblano peppers, grilled corn and a garlic lime mojo sauce." They aren't kidding when they say "delicious." I was sad when I was finished, because I didn't get to eat it any more.

  • Tacolomo: 0.6 moles.
  • Scallop Taco: 1.1 moles.
Tomorrow I get to try Tacodeli's Ceviche Yucatan Taco and Guacasabi Tuna Taco. Guacasabi sounds fantastic, so I can't wait.

Is there anything on the menu I should try sooner rather than later? Let me know in the comments.

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Damon Clinkscales said...

try the ceviche & chips