Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why McCain Will Pick Mitt (unless he's as stupid as I think he is)

I wanted to get this logged before the announcement tomorrow, so I can act all smart and stuff if I'm right (and, as I say in the headline, so I can even act smart if I'm wrong!)

McCain got 1367 delegates in the primaries. Romney would have 274 if he didn't already release them to McCain, with Huckabee in third with 267.

If McCain is really trying to get disaffected Hillary voters, how can he not pick Mitt, and introduce him with something along the lines of "My friends, Mitt Romney fought a hard primary. You have chosen him as your second choice for President, and so I must pick him as my choice for Vice President. To do anything else would be a shameful snub."

Seriously, why have none of the pundits pointed this out?

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