Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stupid Ways I've Injured Myself

Looks like I have one to add to the ongoing list of stupid ways I've injured myself:
  1. Standing too close behind my sister pretending to be the catcher when I was 5, got smacked in the eye by her bat (required stitches, still have a bit of a scar)
  2. Burned wrist in an ironing catastrophe (I've always wondered if there were suicide rumors floating around my high school about this one, since I had a bandage on my wrist for several days)
  3. Removing a wooden form from a snow statue, smashed hand (required stitches, and came very, very close to bigger damage; the nerve swelled up, which fortunately meant it didn't hurt that bad, 'cuz I was numb)
  4. Carrying a box into a dorm, scratched the hell out of my hand on the plate thingy on the door (I still have a scar from this one)
  5. Ice skating with improper socks, cut the backs of both legs on the tops of my skates (it was impromptu ice skating with skates that were in my trunk, but still)
  6. Sleeping, hurt back/neck/knee (several occurrences)
  7. Dodging a grackle, twisted knee
  8. Didn't see dentist for 11 years (even after a filling fell out I waited 2 years), needed root canal to repair the worst pain I've ever experienced.
  9. Dragging garbage can to curb, gouged a rather large chunk out of my ankle (the latest; not quite stitches-level, but pushing toward it)
(edited to add a bunch, including the tooth thing after Charon asked why it wasn't there)

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