Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin-dromes

Flip, a friend-of-a-friend, is officially even geekier than me, at least in one respect. He has invented "Sarah Palin-dromes", ie palindromes involving McCain's VP pick. He launched this game with the somewhat cryptic 
"No Kay, AK? Kayak on!"
He has also submitted 
"I hot sarah, as saharas to HI." 
Never one to back down from a geek off, I came up with 
"de veep: yen more of know-how; woh, wonk, foe Romney peeved." 
I cheated by not quite exactly using the verb "yen" properly, and by misspelling woah, but I'm still pretty proud. Well, "proud" isn't exactly the right word, since it's a palindrome which was only written for a pun, but you know what I mean.

If you have your own, post 'em in the comments.


flip said...
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flip said...

An anagram, not a Palin-drome -- but so obvious:

flip said...

Two more:

Wasilla noob? (D) boon all i saw

Re tag: poor taste vp? O gee, GOP vets a troopgater.

McCarron said...

And you say I'm weird...

Jon the Geek said...

Double-posting from Facebook, 'cuz that's how I roll:

How the heck did we miss this one? I just saw Wasilla written, and saw it immediately:

All I saw was... I saw WASILLA.

It's the reaction of anyone who knows anything about Wasilla to reports about Palin.

Jon the Geek said...

Er, oops, except you kinda already used that :)

Jon the Geek said...

Thanks, Flip, for pointing out the "harass" thing... which leads me to this:

Media harasses Sarah? Aid 'em!

David said...

Posh sir, I, on bar gin I lap, harass Ms. Sarah Palin. I grab no Irish sop.