Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today in Geek, 20091222

I didn't see a lot of geekiness today, but some of what I saw was pretty awesome. These are the ones worth talking about.

New DNA Analysis Method Drastically Cuts Time and Cost of Genome Sequencing. I think genetically tailored medicine is about to lead us to a medical revolution on the order of the discovery of vaccines or Lister's hand-washing campaign, and faster DNA sequencing will likely be useful for that.

Medicine Awesome
Robotic Knee Helps Perfectly Healthy Runners Run Even Better. Prosthetics aren't just for people who actually need them anymore. A Japanese team has developed a device that straps  to the leg and helps you run faster. Gentlereaders, we can rebuild us! We have the technology!

That's it for today. What did I miss? Certainly there's more out there!

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