Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Subscribing to Specific Labels

I'm sure most of you reading this like to read everything I write, regardless of whether it's about politics, mad science, or food. However, some of you may only want to keep up on one aspect of my blogging. If so, here's how to subscribe to a specific label (aka tag) from my blog.
  1. Figure out which label you want (they're over there on the right), and note it. Make sure you have the spelling right. Click the label to see if there are any special characters you need (for example, "mad science" is actually "mad%20science", because the space has to be encoded as %20 so browsers can understand it; %20 is currently the only special encoding you need for any of my labels, but that could theoretically change in the future).
  2. Add that label to the end of this url: (for example,
  3. Add that url to your favorite RSS reader
That's all it takes. Enjoy!

Note: The same trick works for any blog here on blogger, just replace "jonthegeek" with the url of the blog you want.

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Libby Hickson said...

Now wherever did you get the idea for this post??? ;-)