Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shared Google Reader Items, 4/7/2009

Holy crap, I posted shared items from Google Reader just yesterday, and here I am posting again! Woohoo!

Politics and Government:
The Internets:
Science (and Food):
Wow, that's it. These are really short when I do them daily. I should try this more often.

As always, leave your comments on these or anything else below.

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Die Anyway said...

re: PUMA

I took my car to the dragstrip a couple of months ago. Turned the quarter mile in 13.58 seconds at a top speed of 108 mph. When the PUMA does that, I'll consider buying one. :-)

I'm in charge of deviled eggs for an Easter picnic this Sunday. I'll have to try that egg timer site. Maybe brush up on my Norwegian too. (That's a joke son. /Foghorn Leghorn voice)