Friday, March 27, 2009

Shared Google Reader Items, 3/27/2009

It's been a busy couple weeks since my last shared items from Google Reader update. Sorry I took so long!

  • Obama ended the ban on stem-cell research funding. Things that are stupid about the idiots who are against stem-cell funding:
    1. The things being used for research are blobs of cells. They're less human than a patch of dry skin that flakes off.
    2. The blobs of cells are incinerated when they aren't used in research. How is incinerating these blobs of cells less bad than using them to learn?
    3. The assholes love to point out that embryonic stem cells haven't shown as much promise as other types of stem cells... ya know, the types of stem cells that have received government funding for research. If embryonic stem cells are so great, why can't researchers learn things from them when the research isn't being done, huh??? Answer that!
  • A chimp at a Swedish zoo hoarded rocks to later throw at people. In other words, the chimp planned for future events. That is very cool.
  • These photos of undersea eruptions near Tonga are awesome, moreso after the confirmation that this event wasn't associated with a tsunami or anything.
  • I want to believe Space Bat survived his trip, and will return one day to save us from Mothra or something.
  • The entire Cosmos series is now on Hulu. This needs to get hugely popular, inspiring someone to make a series somewhere near as awesome.
The Interwebs:
  • Zenhabits had some good tips for beating procrastination. #7 is best: "Put something you dread more at the top of your to-do list — you’ll put off doing that by doing the other things on your list." I've been using it (combined with Gmail Tasks), and it works like a charm. Well, better than a charm, since charms don't work.
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Die Anyway said...

>"The entire Cosmos series is now on Hulu."

I'm going to watch some of these as soon as I'm on a non-work computer. I just want to hear Carl say "billions and billions" again. :-)