Saturday, October 21, 2006

Demon-Haunted Hotels

Just a quick note to point you to my new project, Demon-Haunted Hotels . Help us light the candle!


Die Anyway said...

Just checking in, Jon.

A great big, Texas, LSD toast to this project. Wouldn't I love to find a Sagan, or Shermer, or Dawkins book in my hotel room rather than a stupid bible.

Die Anyway said...


I wonder what the hotel cleaning crew will do with books left in the room. If you put it in the night-stand drawer with the Gideon bible will they just leave it there, or will they take it to the front desk as a lost-and-found item?

Jon the Geek said...

I let the url expire, sadly. I just haven't had any energy to devote to this project. It should be available soon if someone else wants to buy the url and take up the cause.